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Welcome to my Atelier.

Information and opinions on subjects (primarily gaming) shall be posted here.

All thoughts, opinions, and words are my own.

Video Games

My primary gaming systems are PlayStation/ Nintendo. I use Steam as well, although for lighter games, since I do not own a powerful PC.

Love Mail

I love to express my fondness on series, characters, etc. Hopefully my appreciation posts will inspire people to check them out!

Personal Life?

I did not know what else to put, honestly. Perhaps I’ll do some personal blogging here and there – though that is usually found on my Twitter.

“No, I don’t ‘understand’! You snap at people. You’re scary! You tried to eat me! But… you’re also kind… and you’re filled with life! I don’t understand a single thing about you! But you gave me a name, when I was a number!”

– Laphicet, Tales of Berseria.

About the Alchemist.

Pau hopes to reach out to those who share the same interests as her. She may not be a professional journalist, but she still tries her best with posting.

World Map.

  • IG: AtelierPau
  • PSN: Xavine_
  • Switch: 7652-5966-1786

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I am not encouraging anything; but I’ll keep these here for those who are willing.

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